Business Broadband, Telephone & Ethernet

Business Telephony, Superfast Business Broadband and Ethernet Direct Leased Line Services.


Clarke Software provides high-performance, best-value telephone services for users who require reliable phone connections supported by UK based support professionals.

PSTN Phone


ISDN Phone


Premium ADSL Packages

  • FTTC Fibre
  • ADSL Max
  • ADSL2+ Superfast up-to-24Mbps* business broadband. Ideal for small business
    • Up-to-24Mbs* download speed
    • Up-to-1.4Mbs* upload speed
    • Up-to-8 static IP addresses with option to purchase more on request

Ethernet Leased Lines

Over copper (with symmetrical speeds of up to 25Mbps, subject to availability and distance from the exchange), and at speeds of up to 1Gbps over fibre

* The maximum speeds that your line can support are evaluated by the equipment at the exchange within the first 10 days of service.
Speeds are affected by your proximity to your local telephone exchange and the quality of your phone line.