Customer Relationship Management

Here we have a modular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that encapsulates all customer relationships within a single application.

Managing your business
through Excel?

Struggling to find customer contact details
easily & quickly?

Have no clear method of keeping track of customer engagements?

Clarke Software understands that keeping track and managing all of this information can become very time consuming and leave you neglecting other duties that really should be taking your attention.

Step in the Clarke Software CRM Suite…

By dealing with a customer centrally and adding Quotes, Orders, Complaints and Notes around them, you find that everything you need is literally a single click away, eradicating the need to trawl through those endless Excel Worksheets.

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Dashboard Statistics

Configurable charts and graphs to give you the quick information you need to see if you’re hitting targets

Advanced Search Capabilities

Find exactly what you are after with our in-depth search screens


Send notifications between staff  and set reminders to flash on your screen when you need to action something