Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet the Clarke Software Team

Clarke Software’s Managing Director is Christopher Clarke.

Christopher is a man who has dedicated his professional career to the development of the highest quality IT support solutions. Christopher studied at the Hereford College of Technology before embarking on his career in IT. With his aptitude for the industry quickly saw him rise through the ranks. Christopher became an Operations Manager and later the Operations Director at a software consultancy firm.

Now Christopher was equipped with industry expertise. Plus the knowledge of how to run a successful IT business. So, Christopher started his own IT support business in the summer of 2009 and has been fundamental to the emergence of Clarke Software in the South Wales and West Midlands IT support sector. This summer in 2019, his company will be proudly celebrating their ten year anniversary. However, Clarke Software continues to go from strength to strength to this day.

Christopher leads a team which includes expert support analysts and technicians that are passionate about IT, talented web developers and senior software developers.